Printing Chemicals


NPi is currently offering ten (10) product lines consisting of thirty plus brands of various printing supplies and chemicals for different printing machines.
1. CTP Thermal Plates
1.1 Kodak Polychrome Graphics
2. LithoPlates
2.1 Optima (Positive Plate)
- Provides superb resolution and visual contrast
- Short exposure and obtains the right water balance easily
2.2 Ultraprint-N (Negative Plate)
- Short exposure and easy development
- Provides good image contrast and excellent behavior during printing
3. LithoPlate Chemicals
3.1 Revelith-P
3.2 Revelith-N
3.3 Gomaluz-LP
4. Day International Printing Blankets
- Superior cast surface – reduces solvent penetration
- Prints pin-hole free solids and sharper dots
- Long-life carcass construction with uniform compressibility and print performance
- Consistent ink transfer and rebounds quickly
- Patented closed-cell compressible layer and smash resistant with precise and even pressure across surface
- Compatibility and versatility
5. Varns Pressroom Chemicals
5.1 Fountain solutions
- Journal fount (Web-offset fountain solution)
- Supreme Fount (Sheet-fed offset fountain solution)
- IPA Eliminator (alcohol-free)
5.2 Rollers and blanket washes
- V60
- Revitol
- Take it Off
- Pro-Kleen
5.3 Printing sundries
- Plate cleaner
- Spray powder
- Blanket repair
6. Strapping Materials
- Mosca PP Straps