Coldset Inks

The market for soy ink and a special blend of vegetable oils have been built primarily on its technical qualities and the fact that these are superior to petroleum-based inks.

Our Premium Brands : ULTRA (For high-speed) & INDIGO (For low-speed)

Generic Name : Coldset Process Soy Oil-Based Inks

Being favored by newspaper printers and book publishers because of its superior performance, environmental friendliness, and vibrant colors. Soy ink allows for quicker press start-up, reducing costs.

Available color: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

Characteristics/ Advantages

1. High color strength – brilliant and vibrant, eye-appealing colors
The clarity of soy bean oil in printing inks lets the pigments reach their full potential. The end result? Deep, rich and bright colors.

2. Excellent ink transfer with low rub-off
By nature, soy ink is “low rub.”

3. Longer Mileage - Decreases ink cost per page
Because soy ink provides more intense color, printers may not use as much ink. As a result, more materials can be printed with less ink.

4. No petroleum odor
Although, soy-based ink gives a distinctive smell, its vapor is not harmful to humans and environment.

5. Environment friendly – Low volatile organic compound (VOC) and more biodegradable
Use of soy ink reduces volatile emissions causing air pollution and improves the recycling process – and that’s good for the environment.

6. Vegetable oil ink enhances the quality of recycled paper
Soy ink delivers a high-quality printed piece. In fact, you won’t see any loss of quality when you switch from petroleum - based ink to soy ink – and you may even see an improvement.